Great Gong Clothes Swap

Great Gong Clothes Swap

The Great Gong Clothes Swap is almost here and it is time to start sorting through your wardrobe and ask yourself…… ‘Will I ever wear this again?

Share the love and see what treasures are awaiting you at the next Great Gong Clothes Swap.

The venue for the Great Gong Clothes Swap this year is the Bulli PCYC (253 Princes Hwy, Bulli). This venue is bigger, has more parking and more transport options to get you there and back with your new wardrobe!

A T-Shirt to Tote bag table will be in operation to help you carry all your new items home.

20 items is the quota. 30 for predrops. $5 participation fee.

Food and snacks will be available for sale at the canteen.

The Great Gong Clothes Swap is an event for adult size clothing only.


The Great Gong  Clothes Swap is about clearing out, letting go of those favourite items that don’t get worn and swapping them for ‘new’ ones.

Items need to be good quality, no rips, nobroken zips etc.
It’s shopping in a sustainable way!

Women and men of all ages and sizes are encouraged to come along.

The cost of participation is only $5, covering venue hire, admin and insurance etc. Accompanied kids under 12 are free!

How it Works

You can swap up to 20 items of clothing, including hats, belts and shoes in good condition.

Your items will be screened for suitability. You will then receive a pass that will show how many items you are able to ‘buy’, reflecting how many items you are swapping.

There will be pre-event drop off points (locations TBA) to save you time and not delay shoppers with large queues on the day.

A pre-event drop off will allow you up to 30 items and a special pass to enter and start swapping 30 minutes before the doors officially open on the day.

This will be at 12.30pm. We will then open the doors to the rest of the public at 1pm.

Doors will close to new swappers at 4pm with a 4.30pm finish.

Why attend the Great Clothes Swap?

Why shop when you can swap!! The opportunity to swap means you are reducing consumption, reusing items that may have otherwise gone into landfill and recycling old into new.

And it’s fun with a great sense of community.

What to Swap

· Items clean,folded or pressed
· Items likely to be valued by others
· Items free of faults or with minor faults that are easy to repair
(concessions are made for vintage wear).
· Items you are no longer emotionally attached to!
· We will be unable to accept items that are badly pilled, smelly or straying too far from perfect.
· Undergarments and swimwear will not be included in the swapping process.

Does it need to be designer?

No. All labels are created equal in the eyes of The Great Gong Clothes Swap.

What about my un-swapped items?

If you don’t walk away with the same number of items you came in with you can:
· grab some garments to gift to others.
· enjoy the extra space in your wardrobe
· feel good that your items are being loved by someone else

Where do the leftover clothes go?

Items that are not re-homed will be donated to local charities in the Illawarra. For 2016 they will be going to the Wollongong Homeless Hub.

Will there be food and drinks?

Yes there will. I’m pleased you asked. Chai and snacks available for sale.

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